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Private Dog Obedience and Specialty Training based in Berlin, WI

Business Hours
Monday & Wednesday: Closed
Tues & Thurs: 5:30 am- 7:30 am ; 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Fri & Sat Class times available upon request
Sunday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Meet the Trainer:


Sam Schmidtke

A full-time stay at home mom of a three year old boy and  a one year old girl as well as working part time in a Veterinary Clinic located in Oshkosh! Originally from the Baraboo, WI area and moved to Berlin in 2019.  Spent my childhood researching dogs and everything I could learn about them. My main focus with dogs is  how to use dog psychology to assist in basic training/ relationship building  between the owner and their dogs. I strive to create the perfect friend for you to enjoy life with.


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  • Certified in Positive Dog Training through Petco as of April 2019

  • Approved AKC CGC Evaluator 

  • Approved AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluator

  • Worked as  Veterinary Assistant for 2 years

  • Worked in a Dog Boarding/ Daycare Facility for 2 years

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Pictured from left to right is Trainer Sam's Personal dogs Ruth, Maya, Jake & Silvia 

Pictured is Trainer Sam with Jake and Ruth at a Therapy Event

Pictured above is Sam and her personal Therapy dog in training Ruth

Pictured above is Sam and her 'Soul' dog Maya



***Classes are held in the trainers home training area (children may be present during classes) or the Trainer will come to your home for classes (Contact Sam for availability)***

Health Requirements

- Current Rabies Vaccination

- Current Distemper Combo Vaccination

- Monthly Flea/ Tick Prevention Preferred

- Kennel Cough Vaccination Preferred

Step 1:

  • Contact me for your mandatory free phone call/ text/ e-mail consultation 

Step 2:

  • Decide with the Trainer what class best suits your family and your dogs needs 

Step 3:

  • Set a day and time of the week that works for you and the Trainer

  • Classes are held during business hours once a week for 45 mins - 1 hour

Step 4:

  • Trainer will contact you day before your first class for a friendly reminder

Step 5:

  • Have your dog on leash, training treats and Vaccination history ready for you or your Trainers arrival at your first class

Preview of Sam's Home Training Area




***Courses in your home are available ONLY during Sunday Business hours at this time***
Ask about our Current Sign up Deals!

Basics Courses

6 Week Basics Curriculum :

- Marker 'YES' & Eye Contact

- Come

- Sit

- Down

- Up/ stand

- Off/ No Jumping Help

- Wait

- Daily structure

- crate training/ impulse control

- Stay

- Loose Leash Walking

6 Week Next Step Basics Curriculum: 

- Leave It

- Heel

- Build on stay

- Place

- Loose leash vs Heel

- Wait w/ People

- Park it/ side and Drills with Distance/ Distraction / Duration

4 Week Fundamentals Curriculum:

- Marker 'YES' & Eye Contact

- Close contact Come

- Sit

- Down

- Up/ stand

- Off/ No Jumping Help

- Daily Structure & Stay intro

4 Week New Puppy Curriculum: (Puppies under 14 weeks old ONLY)

- Marker 'YES' & Potty training help

- Crate training & teething/ chewing tips 

- Socialization and How to set a puppy up for success

6 Week Basics : $283.50

6 Week Next Step Basics : $283.50

4 Week Fundamentals Course : $189

4 Week New Puppy Course : $189

Travel Charges outside a 10 Mile Radius of Trainers home round trip : $0.75/ mile

Recommended Prerequisite Courses

Therapy Dog (Animal Assisted Therapy Work):

- 6 week Basics course with AKC S.T.A.R. add- on (if applicable)

- 6 Week Basics Extention course

- 6 week AKC CGC test prep course

- Private lessons as needed for additional practice for evaluation 

Service Dog: 

- 6 week Basics Course 

with AKC S.T.A.R. add- on (if applicable)

- 6 Week Basics Extention course

- 6 week AKC CGC test prep course

- Private lessons as needed for specific task training

***Tiny Paws Dog Training LLC is not a Certified Therapy Dog Testing Facility, we are here to help you find a program after basic training and prepare your therapy dog team for testing in an AKC approved Therapy dog Program***


Not every dog has a suitable temperament to become a Service animal or a Therapy Dog, Ask the Trainer today how to determine if your dog could be a good fit!

Private Lessons

Owners Choice Session:

- A great way to brush up on already trained cues or a great way to zero in on specific items with your dog. You have the ability to Choose what your dog will learn in the hour that you have the trainer with you

Owners Choice Bundles:

- 4 week course that is tailored to you and your dogs specific needs at a discounted price

Heel Fundamentals Bundle:

- 4 week course that teaches you and your dog to work as team on your walks by using the Heel. This course is great for reactive dogs who need a little more direction during walks and it is offered at a discounted price

Owners Choice Single Sessions Priced @ $60.75 per Hour

Owners Choice Bundles: $189

Heel Fundamentals: $189

Travel Charges outside a 10 Mile Radius of Trainers home round trip : $0.75/ mile

Specialty Courses

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy:

- Is a way to show how well behaved your puppy is for their age group and a fun activity to complete as a team (This is a 6 week puppy basics add on)

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen):

- This certification offers the title "CGC" through AKC and prepares your dog for additional training in service/ therapy work, this certification  shows your dog is controlled in a public setting

AKC Community Canine:

- Is the Advanced Level of the Canine Good Citizen Certification, this Certification offers the title "CGCA" through the AKC and is completed in real situations

AKC Urban CGC:

- A step beyond AKC CGC and AKC CGCA, this is a Certification that shows your dog is controlled and well behaved in an urban setting

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy : $30 add- on to Puppy Basics Course

AKC CGC : $ 324

AKC Community Canine "CGCA": $354

AKC Urban CGC : $354

AKC community canine & AKC Urban CGC price includes travel within  certain distances from trainers home as they have requirements in public.

***AKC Courses are not available during early bird Teus- Wed business hours***

Travel Charges outside a 10 Mile Radius of Trainers home round trip : $0.75/ mile

Group Classes

4 Week Long classes available in a group class:

- New puppy 


4 Week Long classes available in a group class:

- Next Step Basics 

New Puppy Group class : $135/ dog

Fundamentals Group Class : $135/ dog

Next Step Basics Group Class : $202.50/ dog

Group classes are typically held in a public place such as a park for 45 mins - 1 hour once a week on your designated day and time.

Travel Charges outside a 10 Mile Radius of Trainers home round trip : $0.75/ mile





Text or Call: 608-393-0078
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